Magnetic Dog Blanket

798 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Kommentar till butiken:
Equipped with a system of magnets that dilate blood vessels and speed up removal of toxins and recovery of tissues. Naturally balances up energy deficits which allows for the recovery processes to be triggered faster. Alleviates pain and reduces swelling. Made of extremely durable net, used in military products. Resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. Protected with a set of fasteners allowing to arrange. Ideal for a year-round use, also as a part of a layered blanket.

Material: ballistic net (100% polyester)
Magnets: PetFlextm Magnetic Biostimulators 600 Gauss/pc
Fastening: belts under belly, rubber belts under legs
Colous: black
Size: 40 - 80 cm