Magnetic Knee Protector

549 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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Recommended for pain ailments in the knee area. Relieves rheumatic, arthritic, and post-traumatic pains, as well as neuralgia and chronic pains of unknown origin. It is used in the rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of motor organ disorders. The kneepad is fastened with two velcro tapes with rubber, which ensures a great fit to the knee. Available in two versions: left and right.
Magnetic Field Therapy™ 
Exposing the body to a constant magnetic field effectively eliminates energy imbalance. The magnetic field interacts with the body and improves oxygen transport by blood cells, dilates blood vessels and reduces tension, which improves overall vitality. It also has a beneficial effect on accelerating the process of tissue regeneration, i.e. the body’s recovery, as well as affects the faster removal of toxins and harmful metabolic products.
Outer material: velvet with nonwoven fabric (100% polyester)
Inner material: merino knitwear (100% wool)
Magnets: 7 NMAs, 2500 Gauss/pc.
Finishing: trimming 
Fastening: Velcro tape with rubber
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