FOX Magnetic Pet Pad

899 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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FOX Magnetic Pet Pad
It has a characteristic shape, given by a stabilizing roller that surrounds the bed. The outer wool cover is underneath protected by a layer of nylon. A foam mattress covered with polyester fabric makes the bed soft. The mattress and rollers are put in separate zipped pockets in the cover, which makes it easier to keep the bed clean.
Magnetic Field Therapy™ Technology eliminates pain ailments, improves motor organs, and accelerates recuperation of tissues and removal of toxins. It naturally balances out the energy deficit, which allows for faster start of the body repair processes. Helps the animals to stay in the best shape.
Pet Pads can be used on a long-term basis, both in prevention and rehabilitation. Our therapy cannot be overdosed. A body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as it requires to restore its energy balance.
The magnets used in our products are BioFlex® Classic circular magnetic tapes.
Camel knitwear combines advantages of the Merino and camel wool. Features short hair, has a delicate and silky touch, and the biological methods applied in processing guarantee its resistance to the external factors.

Nelson™ knitwear is made of 100% Merino sheep wool. At the finishing stage, the knitwear has undergone a specialized cutting process. It has long, twisted hair, featuring the highest elasticity and durability, which allows it to retain its original appearance for a long time. The bottom side secured with an anti-slip layer.

Woolmix knitwear is a rare combination of wool and synthetic fibers. Has a soft, pleasant touch, and the unique combination of fibers makes it extremely durable and help retain the original appearance for long.
Outer material: Maneto knitwear (100% wool, camel combined with Merino) or Nelson™ knitwear (100% wool) or Woolmix knitwear (50% Merino wool, 50% polyester)
Inner material: nylon (100% polyester)
Inserts: matress and roller – polyurethane foam
Size (cm): 47x65, 68x94 or 94x132