EVO Drying Rug

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New, revolutionary innovation!
Conceived, researched and developed by TORPOL®
EVO Stable Rug made of eco-friendly and antibacterial Evolon® material. Perfect after training or as a lightweight stable or transportation rug. Indispensable for drying a horse after training or bathing. Evolon® immediately absorbs sweat and dries instantly. Excellent for windy days- protects against colds. Easy to maintain - it does not catch sawdust or straw. The dense structure has an additional advantage as it cannot be penetrated by hair. Double, adjustable belly belts prevent the rug from moving. Clasp at the front reinforced with a strong tape. 3D mesh around the withers guarantees a perfect form and excellent airflow. 
Evolon® can absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 400% of its own mass!
Evolon® is a unique fabric made of microfibers, which combines advantages of textiles with remarkable mechanical properties- it is easy to arrange, soft, lightweight and extremely durable. Due to its dense structure Evolon® provides a great protection with excellent filtering properties. Millions of microchannels allow proper airflow and transport moisture to the outside. 
Liquid absorption- thanks to a large surface area of its microfilaments, Evolon® can absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 400% of its own mass which makes it an ideal material for products exposed to sweat, such as rugs
Moisture shedding – Evolon® immediately absorbs sweat and dries instantly which helps maintain the skin dry
Breathability – millions of microchannels allow for a free flow of the air
Antibacterial and mite-proof – compact structure keeps even the tiniest of allergens on the outside
Long usage-time – research results show that the fabric maintains its original properties even after numerous cycles of washing in various detergents
Environmentally friendly – no binder or solvents are used in the manufacturing process. The material does not contain PVC or glue