Diamond Leg Wraps 4pcs

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Diamond Memory Leg Wraps
Unique design with perfect adjustment. Finished with soft, plush fabric. Equipped with perforated, thermo-plastic Memory Foam. Outer Evolon® layer has a great moisture-absorbing, breathing and drying properties. Leg wraps are thin, easy in maintance and adjust to the legs perfectly. Fastened with low-hook velcro tape.
Decorative Part
Outer material: plush Velvet fabric (100% polyester)
Filling: 200g wadding (100% polyester)
Extras: Swarovski® crystals
Embellishment: embroidery with Kashubian motifs
Main Part
Outer material: Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% polyamide)
Filling: perforated Memory Foam
Fastening: velcro tape (100% polyester)
Size (height/width): 
L: Back: 40/40 cm; Back: 50/50 cm, 
S: Front: 35/35 cm; Back: 40/40 cm
Packing: 4 pcs. (2 front, 2 back)